Dozen Unsold Lexus LFAs Cause a Stir in America

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There’s still a chance for you to be the original owner of Lexus’ first supercar.

If you missed out on a factory-fresh Lexus LFA back when they were brand new, there’s still hope for you. That’s because there are still twelve Lexus LFAs in dealer inventory, according to a representative from Toyota¬†and reported by AutoBlog.

Looking through Lexus sales figures from July, it was a shock to see that a lone LFA was included in the list of new cars that were delivered to customers. That’s no small feat, considering that Lexus LFA production ended back in 2012. Ready for another surprise? In 2016, six LFAs were sold as new.


So how did this happen? Initially, Lexus only took LFA orders from customers in an effort to prevent dealers from charging “market adjusted” prices. In 2010, when orders began to drop off, Lexus allowed owners to order a second car, and dealers were allowed to order cars to sell. This prevented cars from sitting at the factory, although it seems that a handful are now sitting at dealerships. What gives?


There are a number of reasons that a dealer may have held onto an LFA for a half decade. It’s quite an impressive display piece or conversation starter in the showroom. In fact, Lexus Torre, a dealer in Puerto rico, uses their LFA for exactly that purpose. The dealer might have purchased the car as an investment, waiting for the LFA to appreciate in value.


A car like the Lexus LFA only comes along once every decade or two. The recent introduction of the gorgeous and potent LC500 might further bring attention to Lexus’ first supercar. If you’re looking to buy one, there’s still a dozen out there for you. But convincing a dealership to sell you one? That’s going to be another story entirely.

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