Supercar Comparo: Lexus LFA vs Ferrari F40

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“Who in their right mind would compare these two?”

That was the first thought I had after stumbling across this video. The more I considered it though, the more sense it made. They’re both iconic in a way. They both represent the best possible car their respective companies could’ve made at the time. Lastly, their both stupid fast.

Keeping that in mind, this video becomes a little more interesting. It’s more of a profile on the two cars and their owner than it is a direct comparo, but it’s interesting that the video clumps the two into the same bucket.

I doubt that the LFA will be enshrined as with the same reverence as the F40 is, but now I’m forced to consider whether or not it should be. At the very least, the LFA is Toyota’s “F40”. If they’re making this car now, I wonder what Toyota’s “Enzo” might look like.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think!

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