New Lexus RXL Offers Third Row Seating, Two ‘Flavors’

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Lexus expands both RXL seating space and its marketing audience, focusing on the ‘modern family.’  

“Mine!” This is something we’ve all said, mainly when we were little, but on occasion when we need to lay claim as we get older, too. It’s kind of like yelling “Shotgun!” When we saw the space that comes with the addition of the third row in the new RXL, one word came to mind: “Mine!”

The new 2018 RX 350L and RX 450hL will feature more room thanks to the addition of third row seating. To coincide with the changes, Lexus has developed a comprehensive marketing campaign that will highlight the luxury, flexibility, and logistical liberty that three rows can offer. Available in six- or seven-passenger capabilities, the new RXL models will retain the RX’s sophisticated features, while providing more room for the unexpected.

Lexus RX L

There is no need to give up power with the added space and comfort. “The RX has been the top-selling luxury utility vehicle in the U.S. for more than 20 years, and we’re excited to offer the next evolution of the iconic crossover in two flavors: the V-6 RX 350L and the powerful multistage RX 450h,” said Cooper Ericksen, Lexus vice president of marketing. “The RXL marketing campaign is targeted at the modern family who values the luxury of space and flexibility for whatever life throws at them.”

Lexus Third Row Seating

Emily, a general market TV spot highlights the versatility of three rows by featuring a young family in everyday scenarios: Driving their little girl and her friends to a birthday party, loading in all the dogs, and having enough room for all their daughter’s stuffed animals. Emily, an only child, explains that while her parents think their new car is for them–it’s actually hers. At the end of the spot, however, Emily’s pregnant mom asks her daughter if she’s excited for her new baby sister to come home. Emily gives an astonished look that says “Uhh, what now?” just as the voiceover says “Experience space for the unexpected with the new Lexus RXL.”


‘We’re excited to offer the next evolution of the iconic crossover in two flavors: the V-6 RX 350L and the powerful multistage RX 450h.’


The integrated campaign will appear nationally and regionally on broadcast, digital, print, radio, and other media; and will be featured during the 2018 Winter Olympics on NBC. The RXL will have digital presence online as well, all utilizing the tagline “Third Row is the Charm”

2018 Lexus RX lineup

Multicultural elements will further the reach of the campaign. Adaptions and translations of the general market spots will target the Asian-American audiences while new creative will be developed for Hispanic and Black markets, including two TV spots titled “Más juntos, menos revueltos,” and “The world is your oyster.” There will also be an online video for the LGBTQ market, titled “Never enough.”

The RX 350L will be on sale in dealerships on Jan. 16, 2018, for more information, visit Lexus.

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