Rumor: Will Lexus Build a Seven Seat Lexus TX?

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Toyota recent registered the trademark for the name TX which probably means it’s the name for a new vehicle. That Lexus is expanding their line-up isn’t suprising: they’ve done that twice in the last year just about. No, what’s interesting is the type of vehicle it’ll be. Is it a coincidence they’ve potentially named their new biggest SUV after the state Toyota will move to in the next few years? Perhaps.

The TX is shrouded in mystery, but the internet suspects it’ll be a large crossover type vehicle. Lexus GX is their current large SUV, but it’s built of a truck frame. That’s great if you need to tow trailers and boats and other heavy things, but it’s over kill for the family looking to shuttle their spawn (and their spawn’s friends) to and from school and the like. A crossover will ride better and, potentially, could be more spacious. Also unibody vehicles tend to be less roll-over prone. Sounds like a win-win right?

Well, not so fast. According to Automotive News, the GX is actually a big money maker for Lexus even if it sells in low volumes. If that’s true, I’d be skeptical of Lexus’ willingness to cut into a living cash cow. If they do build the TX, it’ll be because they think it’s worth it.

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via [Automotive News]

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