Lexus LX 570 Supercharger Comes to Kuwait

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How’s this for awesome? Kuwaiti Lexus enthusiasts soon have the option of tearing around in a supercharged version of the LX. They’ve dubbed it: The LX570 Supercharger. It’s… Exactly what it sounds like.

Lexus’ LX makes 383 horsepower in it’s normal, naturally-aspirated V8 form. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but the weight of the LX makes it feel like less. After all, the truck is based on Toyota’s Land Cruiser. A big, body on frame SUV like this one needs that power to carry eight people around without it driving like a drunk slug. The supercharger on the, uh, Supercharger, raises the LX’s output to 450 horsepower and an undetermined amount of torque. I’m going to guess it makes something close to 400lb-ft with the supercharger breathing on it.

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Other changes include 20-inch wheels, a rear spoiler, crimson seats, and of course, a red carpet. The exterior is otherwise as black as an oil slick.

Is it coming to America? The short answer is no. Lexus spokesman Bill Kwong mentioned that the Supercharger has “issues with emissions” in the US. Lame. I guess that leaves it up to the aftermarket to boost the LX within an inch of it’s life.

What? Hennessey has done that already? Huh. Well. Here are two LXs drag racing. Pay attention to the supercharged one in order to know what you’re missing.


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