Next IS F Sedan & Coupe!

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The Motor Report has just released renderings of what could be the next IS F Sedan and Coupe. As the F marque evolves, so does the competition. Will Lexus play their cards right and offer more F variants to compete with the Deutschland trio: AMG, M and RS?

As the next IS rolls out this summer, it’s inevitable for the next line of F to follow suit. Our biggest question is, will it be just a sedan or will Lexus finally give us a coupe? If the next IS F follows the 2nd Generation’s IS trend, we will most likely see this new IS variant for the 2016 model year being introduced sometime late 2014 into 2015. 
We hope an updated or more powerful engine comes into this new F but with the current Lexus trend of powertrain carry up from the previous generation, we might see the same 2UR-GSE 5.0L V8 and AA80E 8 Speed auto transmission going into the new IS F.
Nothing has officially been confirmed from Lexus but we know a future RC 350 and RC F are on the horizon. Will we see a formal IS coupĂ© or will we see something else? These current renderings are of course a representation of what the next IS F or RC F could be, but we all know it’s a mashup of the vehicles below.
What do you think about these new IS F renderings? You can talk about them in our IS F forum HERE! >>



Source: The Motor Report
Photos: Lexus/Five Axis

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