Baby Lexus SUV Coming Soon?

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Lexus has been the industry leader in offering the world’s first luxury crossover utility vehicle called the Lexus RX (Radiant Crossover) and has been a sales hit for Lexus ever since it was introduced for the 1999 model year. With the competition growing fierce in the small crossover luxury utility segment, will Lexus finally come out to play?

Rumors have been circulating for many years about creating a luxury version of the very popular Toyota RAV4. We’ve reported last year that a rendering of a baby RX have emerged and not long ago, trademarks for a new Lexus model have surfaced. 

With this new baby RX rendering being published, we wonder how soon will this supposed baby RX will come? Maybe an F SPORT version too?
What do you think about a small luxury SUV for Lexus? Talk about the baby RX in our forum! >>

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