More Dips on the New 2004 Lexus RX

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A lot of rumors have been saying that the RX 300 has been in the last year of its life-span. Being one of the best selling models in the whole Lexus lineup, the RX 300 still claims almost 30% of the whole Lexus sales, which is very impressive for a model that is already 4 years old.

But the wait is over; Auto Spies has released some more info on the upcoming RX 330, which will be released in the Detroit Auto Show in January 2003. It will have a more aggressive look and most importantly it will finally offer a third row of seats, which is what a lot of people want on their SUV. It is also believed that there will be more features added to the vehicle but the price will actually be lower.

While it is still unknown rumors are that more surprises will be unveiled during the Detroit Auto Show, and some even more exciting news in the NY shows. It could very possible that Lexus will come out with the hybrid powered RX330, which pushes 240hp but gets 30 miles to the gallon. No one can confirm on this yet but if it i;s really true then it is probably one of the biggest news in the SUV arena.

The new RX 330 will be at the dealers most likely next November as the 2004 model. With the current sales figures of the RX300 it is very possible that the new RX will continue to be the hottest selling Lexus model.

Also as a side note, Lexus might start to drop the numbers in their models, therefore people will not see LX 470 or RX 330 anymore, and they will be replaced by just LX and the RX. Of course for models with different sizes of engines like the GS 300/430, and probably the future IS 300/IS 430, Lexus will either have to keep the numbers or they will have to come up with another new scheme of naming their cars. It would be very interesting to see how Lexus takes that turn.


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