Secrets behind Jeep’s Sales Boost

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After the traditional newspaper advertisements and TV commercials Jeep decided to try out some new marketing methods, and they put their bet on the power of Internet. The Chrysler group’s first ever online video game, the Evo2, features the Wrangler line of vehicles, starring the Rubicon, from February 8th till the end of June. The car was only advertised online using the game and Jeep wanted to see how good the result was.

Well, the Rubicon finally arrived in August, and surprisingly 14% of the 4000 orders of the Rubicon were game registrants. Jeep had the best sales month ever in August with over 51,000 units, and they admitted that the success has to do with their internet advertising.

From Competitive Media Reporting, among the $117millions that Jeep spent on measured media during the first half of 2002, a considerable 20% of that amount was spent on interactive games and online advertising.

With the success, Chrysler group is also seeking other opportunities to continue expanding their marketing efforts. For example they merged several customer events together, including the Jeep 101, Chrysler Proving Grounds, and Dodge Truckville into a program called Route 202.

The program includes visits to fifteen US cities this year, and each even events there is an average of over 12,000 participants who test drive Chrysler products together with other competing cars on and off the road. And these events also have rock climbing and golfing to attract more families.

Using the cash our rate of the $500 new car certificates that were given out during the events, Lou Bitonti, Chrysler group’s senior manager of brand events, happily revealed that they sold 5000 vehicles during the Route 2002, a very impressive number to say the least.


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