Paying more for the 2003 RX and GS?

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Entering September people will start to see the new 2003 Lexus models in the lots, and among them is the RX 300 and also the GS 300/430. RX 300 is already in its last year of the life cycle, and there are already rumors saying that 2003 might be the last year for the current generation of the GS sport sedans, although nothing has been confirmed yet. However, instead of a potential price drop Lexus actually increases the MSRP values of the 2003 RX and GS.


RX 300

But of course, you get more with the price as well. Power moonroof will no longer be an option on the RX 300 and would be installed as standard. The price of the two-wheel-drive model will be increased by $1,170 to $35,700, and the four-wheel-drive model will be priced at $37,500, $1,200 higher than 2002. As moonroof is becoming so common among vehicles nowadays (especially luxury cars) it only makes sense to standardize this option. An increase of around 3% is quite reasonable.


GS 430

On the other hand, the GS 300 and GS 430 will have a much smaller price increase compared to RX 300. The GS 300 will take a 0.3% jump to $39,300, whereas the GS 430 will have an MSRP of $48,400, almost 1% above the 2002 price. However you do get much more with the price increase, since the moonroof and the 6-disc CD changer will now be standard on all GS 300 and GS 430. Moreover, if you get the GS 430, heated leather-trimmed seats will now be standard as well. By comparison you do get lots more with the new GS sport sedans for the price you pay.


IS 300


IS 300 SportCross

As a side note, the IS series will stay with the same MSRP for all models. The IS 300 5 speed will be priced at $29,980, and the IS 300 automatic transmission and SportCross will go for $31,350. But the 2003 IS series, even with the same MSRP, will get some new standard features and more optional tires and wheels setup as well.

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