LFA’s Chief Engineer Starts a Blog

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The beautiful thing about blogging is that anyone can get started. That doesn’t mean that anyone will care, but when you’re the man responsible for the LFA, you basically have a built in audience.

Tanahashi Haruhiko spent a solid third of his career working on the super car, so we imagine he has quite a bit to say about it.

“Roar of an Angel” is the first of several month’s worth of installments in this new blog. He talks about how the LFA is supposed to have a conversation with the driver, and goes into detail about the emotional design of the car. Building an exotic car isn’t just about building a fast one; anyone can do that. It’s the driving experience that makes a super car special. Just ask Pagani. Or Porsche, for that matter. Haruhiko offers some insight on what they had to do to make the LFA feel like the LFA.

You can get to reading the blog here. If you’re hungry for more LFA insight, see the Club Lexus’ interview with engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi.

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