LFA Reaches the End of the Line

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The LFA is officially over. For now, at least. Lexus’ has finished building the last LFA Even though they’ve finished assembling final LFA, we can’t help but wonder about the future of Toyota’s first super car.

Lexus’ super car project has been an interesting journey. It’s received abundant praise from the automotive press, and so far as I know, everyone who has driven it has loved the experience. Toyota hasn’t really built a car like this in their past. As the result, the LFA was a testbed for new technologies. The carbon fiber looms Lexus used to weave the LFA into existence comes to mind. And who could possible ignore that V10? Not only did it sound like a bat out of hell, but it it was incredibly responsive and powerful.

It was also really freaking expensive. Though, I’d wager that those with an LFA would say it’s worth every penny. It’s the experience a car delivers that’s truly important. That said, I hope that the car was a learning experience for Toyota. It would be great to see some of that technology from this project leak into the Lexus line. Especially that V10. Yowza.
In truth, while this is the end of the LFA initial run, you can bet that it’s not over. Lexus has been testing all manner of prototypes on the Nurburgring over the past few months. So it’s tough to say the LFA is absolutely gone forever. Will there be another one soon? Only time will tell.

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