Walking in the Rain: LF-LC and LFA Roll Together

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Too. Much. Sexy. Sheetmetal.

Lexus UK just released this video on their face book page of the Lexus’ two super coupes yesterday. We’re guess the rain kept the camera from melting from the excessive hotness of these two being in such close proximity.

Even though the LFA is totally sold out, it’s not gone forever. The roadster is on its way and spy shots have caught future versions testing on the Nurburgring. Similarly, the swoopy, curvaceous design exercise that is the LF-LC is also on the horizon. At least, that’s what the word on the street is.

Lexus has all but confirmed the LF-LC for production. This is the first time we’ve seen the concept in motion though. More importantly, it’s moving under it’s own power. That alone is exciting for a few reasons. One, it means that they concept is complete enough to be drive-able, even if the drivetrain is just a mule. Also, it could mean that they’ve already got the required tech under hood. That’s an exciting, but unlikely prospect considering it’s technically not even confirmed for production.

Enough typing and speculation. Here’s the dynamic duo doing their thing.

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