LFA Nearly Sold Out

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For those still scrounging around to shell out the cash for an LFA, you better act soon. Reports from Lexus say that supplies of the LFA have fallen in to the single digits. If you’ve got $375,000 burning a whole in your wallet still, this is the time to take the plunge.

Unsurprisingly, most of the cars are being sold in California and Florida. Considering there were only 500 made, and only 200 of them made it to the states, it’s a wonder that there are any left at all. Then again, the cost is extremely high. You can get some of the fastest hardware on earth for the price of an LFA. Still, the car’s price is justified by it’s rarity and uniqueness. Toyota has never built a car like this in it’s history. It’s a landmark for the whole company and should be treated as such.

Want an LFA? Of course you do! Head to the forums to talk about this limited edition dream car!

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