The Giants: Orange & Black LFA

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How cool would it to make an LFA jack-o-lantern? How about these pair of LFA’s as mascots? Whether you are a big fan of Halloween, the San Francisco Giants or the Baltimore Orioles, these two Lexus LFA’s in California should tickle your fancy.

With roughly 173 LFA’s earmarked for the United States (and the remaining 327 for the rest of the world), the probability of seeing not just one but two of these rare Lexus masterpieces together is more likely in the United States than any other region in the world! William E. was gracious enough to share these photos of the two rare Lexus giants together in Southern California.
So which LFA do you like the most? Black, Sunset Orange or both? Chat with us! >>

Photos by: William E of Fibrenotes! 

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