Lexus Shows Off “High Mileage Heros”

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HighMileageHeros-Lexus (4).jpg

How many BMW’s out there can brag about hitting 200,000 miles? How many Mercedes can gloat about going 250,000 miles (besides the 240D)? If there’s one thing that Lexus is known for more than anything else, it’s reliability.

To further drill that point into the heads of anyone withing eyeshot of their Facebook page, they had a little challenge: submit photos of your odometer, and they’ll induct a select few into their 2014 High Mileage Heroes album.

See how your car stacks up below.

HighMileageHeros-Lexus (1).jpg

HighMileageHeros-Lexus (5).jpg

HighMileageHeros-Lexus (3).jpg

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