Lexus’ Gorgeous Roadtrip with the Lexus IS300h

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Three things in life here that get me really excited.

  • A great road trip – Makes sense since I’m an automotive writer.
  • Engaging stories – Not as obvious, but I’m a writer, so duh, especially when there’s a generous mix of media to help accent the story.
  • Slick parallax websites – As a self proclaimed nerd, this is the same kind of excitement I get when hearing uber meticulous teechnical details from Lexus engineers. They’re really good at that.

Fortunately, today’s subject of discussion encompasses all of it.

With that, we introduce the latest post to Lexus’ official online publication, BEYOND Magazine. This particular entry, called “The Road” documents a countryside road trip of esteemed Japanese architect, Hironaka Ogawa as he makes his way across Shikoku island in an Ultrasonic Blue IS300h F Sport.

His journey (and other entries in this series) are expressed through a gorgeous mixture of poetic text, eye popping photography, and a nice little vide to wrap up the journey as he explores the countryside through his personal mindframe as an architectural designer.

Good on Lexus’ creative team for the idea. I’ve never been more interested in architecture in my life.

Note: It’s one of the slickest parallax web experiences I’ve seen. Be still, my weak nerd heart.

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