C|net takes the 2014 IS-F Out for One Last Hurrah

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Ah, the IS-F. 2014 marks the last year the IS-F will be available. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

On the one hand, the IS-F has been Lexus’ constant performance vehicle. It debuted in 2007; three years before Lexus debuted the LFA. Until that point, it was the fastest thing Toyota built. It was a muscle sedan, plain and simple. Sure it could turn reasonably well, but razor sharp handling was never really what it was built to do. What it was built to do was go fast (the 5-liter V8 ensured that it did that just fine.)

Since it’s introduction, it’s been tweaked and massaged and updated to stay relevant. But with the RC-F–a true sport’s coupe–on the horizon, the IS-F is finally getting a much deserved rest.

Cnet reviews the IS-F’s last hurrah in the video below. Check out it’s successor, the RC-F here.

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