Could This Be The Next LS?

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Just recently one of our tipsters sent in photos taken of what looks to be the next Lexus flagship sedan in Southern California. It’s no surprise that the next generation LS will feature the signature spindle grille design, and new features inside and out, but these shots allowed me to make some educated guesses about other details. 

This particular camouflaged test mule hints at what looks to be a long wheelbase with LED headlights, usually signifying a hybrid variant possibly the LS 600hL. But with the current trend of the hidden exhaust tips on the new GS 450h and upcoming ES 300h, this could be something entirely different. Our guess is that Lexus will possibly offer the next LS with more trim levels including a mid range hybrid  (LS 400h/450h), a proper LS F Sport (to replace the current LS Sport Package), and perhaps a B7 Alpina/S63 AMG killer, LS F? We can only hope for the latter! Bring it on Lexus, if you build it, they will come.

What do you think? Is this going to be another benchmark for the large luxury sedan class? Talk about it in our forums >>

Special thanks to tipster John for the awesome photos!

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