Lexus LFA Mishap in China

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Accidents are risks we face when we drive out on the roads everyday. Although invincible in our minds, supercars are subject to the same risks as well. AutoEvolution reports a rare Lexus LFA mishap that happened in China.

Although no facts have surfaced from this loss, one can speculate all day on what happened. We’ve seen a few of these rare carbon fiber wonders succumb to damage but it appears the driver of this LFA was lucky enough to escape. The LFA is built on a very rigid carbon fiber tub but its exterior is designed to protect the occupants in the passenger cabin. 

As you can see the cabin remains intact although the exterior panels have been compromised. The photos show multiple impact points including the deployment of the passenger air bag. Since we’re at a loss of words from this incident, we wish this unfortunate LFA owner the best and hope his or her LFA can be restored to its glory.

Is it by coincidence that this new damaged LFA is in white? Talk about this unfortunate incident in our LFA Forum HERE! >>

Source: [AutoEvolution] & [wreckedexotics]

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