Lexus Is Serious About Racing

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Remember back in the time when we all hoped that Lexus will reveal more about Team Lexus, and hope that we can get some sort of track racing training in Lexus just like those BMW owners? Well, listen guys, the wait is over. Lexus is on schedule and has finally launched their

Currently they are offering two lessons in Texas (1/17/2003 and 1/18/2003). These are all full day class and you will learn a lot about track racing, all the way from how to push the car to the limit to how to make racing a safe sport. You will be able to learn about the two sport sedans, the IS and the GS, and also the top class Lexus LS.

The four main topics covered would be Skid Pad, Slalom, Braking and Cornering, and Hot Lap. You will get the feeling of understeer and oversteer, learn about the turning circle and ABS, how to get the best cornering effect using brakes, and pushing the Lexus to over 100mph on the track.

You will be taught by some of the professional drivers in the industry, sit in a ride with one of the Team Lexus or Lexus production cars on the track, and even drive the cars yourself. Lexus will be providing the cars. At the end of the day you get a picture of you and the Team Lexus race car and a certificate.

This is probably a once in a lifetime experience. For $395 it’s actually a great deal compared to what you get from other performance driver schools. There are limits on each class so if you are interesting make sure you call their toll free number to register.


Lexus Performance Driving School

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