Instagrammer’s Lexus GX 460 Is Stunning On- and Off-Road

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Lexus GX 460

GX 460 is a capable off road machine. And it looks so good going to work.

We don’t always think of Lexus when we think about tough off-road vehicles. But the Lexus GX 460 was designed to to just that. The GX 460 is also a vehicle with style and luxury to spare. It has the superior suspension of the Toyota 4Runner, and a look and feel that is all Lexus.

Lexus GX 460 owner Duy Le shares pictures and videos of his foxy SUV on Instagram and his account captures some impressive work by the GX 460. Le is an excellent photographer, and he has traveled extensively with his Lexus. This is not an account with a rarely-driven garage queen posing in the driveway. Le’s Lexus has earned it’s badges with some solid miles on the odometer, and it continues to perform like a champ and look sharp as a razor.

The GX 460 takes on sand and hills without breaking a sweat. That suspension is truly smooth as ice. Le has also modded slightly by adding Cooper ST Maxx tires and Icon Rebound wheel and Icon Lift.

The Lexus’s prowess on the trails is fun to watch, plus it really makes you want to take your ride off-road.

Le’s account has photos that look like they belong in a Lexus commercial…or a travelogue.

We definitely recommend following this great account a follow on Instagram.

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