Going Viral: Lexus LS400 Pulls Off One-Wheel Burnout

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Short. Sweet. Savage. Mic drop.

When it comes to performing a truly memorable burnout, this old school Lexus LS400 is a master. YouTube channel Supercars in England happened upon this Lexus LS400 at an automotive event, and luckily they had their camera rolling.

The Lexus LS400 rolls up, looking cool as a cucumber and rocking an 8 cylinder engine. The car was slightly modified with lowered suspension. The owner decided to light it up by ever so coolly doing a one wheel burnout. It’s a quickie, but man does he pack heat. And you’ve got to respect that open differential.

Lexus LS400 burnout

Then, as quickly as he arrived, he’s gone. The LS400 speeds off, tire still smoking, to presumably go blow someone else’s mind.

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