Lexus-Driving Granny Refuses to Give Up Her Red-Hot Ride

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After buying herself a new Lexus for her 80th birthday, this hot-rod granny continues to drive it like she stole it.

Without a doubt, giving up the right to drive is probably one of the hardest parts of aging. We spend the vast majority of our adult lives tooling around town and this great country of ours, after all. Driving is a little slice of freedom, a sign of independence. And for enthusiasts like ourselves, giving up our beloved Lexus is akin to losing a best friend.

But we aren’t the only ones. We recently came across the tale of a Lexus driving grandma who faced that terrible dilemma as she hit the young age of 80. To celebrate that milestone, she went out and purchased herself a brand new, red Lexus because, according to her son, Steven Petrow, “she loved high-octane cars.” Sounds like a good enough reason to us.

Lexus IS

Petrow and his siblings weren’t as thrilled about the purchase, however. Her spirited driving, combined with a slow cognitive decline, was turning her into a dangerous addition to our public roads. “In her prize car, she could just see over the steering wheel, but oh how she loved putting her pedal to the metal,” Petrow recalls in his Washington Post piece.

Before long, a couple of dents showed up on the Lexus. Not to mention a few close calls with joggers, cyclists, and other vehicles. The kids tried to reason with her and help her understand what was happening. But granny “loved being the old lady in the red Lexus,” and instead traded her ride in for yet another red Lexus.

Lexus IS

The family, afraid that granny would injure or kill someone, tried to stage an intervention. Her response? “Thank you very much for your concern. Now you can go [expletive deleted] yourselves.” Did we mention we love this old lady? Still, we understand the family’s concern. And after anonymously reporting her, granny failed a follow up road test.

Still, she remains a hero in our hearts. And even though somebody will probably have to pry our Lexus keys from our hands one day as well, it’s nice to know the roads are a little safer as a result.

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

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