Lexus IS F Shows Off Track Moves with 360-Degree Video

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Incredible camera technology allows you to ride along on track day.

Technology is, quite simply, amazing. It’s played a big part in what makes modern cars so great, after all. And technology has made it easy to record those cars in action as well. But this incredible track day video, shot by Club Lexus member and Lexus IS F owner I8ABMR, isn’t your average GoPro footage. Rather, it was shot using a pretty amazing 360 degree camera setup, as he explains in this post.

“Hey guys! Made the 750-mile round trip back to Auto Club Speedway in California for track day 24! I was there about 7 weeks ago but needed a fix and couldn’t get that ROVAL out of my mind. While I was there, I got to test out a brand new 360 degree camera system for Caliphotography. The solar eclipse on Monday was creating really high K levels for the GPS, so there were slight delays in the reading on sections of the track, but it still came out well. We tried using the OBD port for real time info from the car but it didn’t read out. 

Generally, this type of camera is used only in recording F1, GT, and Le Mans racing, as well as high-end virtual advertising. This particular camera was 3 times the price of a GoPro at over $1000, but I am looking forward to buying one down the line. I hope you guys enjoy!”

Lexus IS F

To say that the results are impressive is a massive understatement. The fancy camera system allows viewers one of the more realistic ride-along experiences possible, in fact. And the fact that it takes place in (and around) a Lexus IS F makes it even better. It was also pretty clear from the responses that plenty of folks were blown away, including MileHIFcar.

“Thanks for sharing! Panning around while you were driving was cool, following the turns while panning the camera gave a different view. Didn’t realize those cameras were that damn expensive!”

“Fantastic after changing YouTube settings to HD,” adds isfvss.“You can even zoom in out [like a] virtual passenger, and [with] some serious speed.”

Lexus IS F

But perhaps the best part of the panning camera function is that you can spot things you normally might not be able to. Which led Gymkata to see something that isn’t exactly performance enhancing.

“That’s hilarious…I just saw you’re on the track with child seats in the back seat!!!”

While the extra 16 pounds might not help his track times, I8ABMR pointed out that the car seats do spark up some interesting reactions from others. And it just proves how versatile the Lexus IS F truly is.

“I always track with them in. The last time I was there, the photographer was a woman and she was super excited to see them! We were high fiving ‘parent racers.'”

“I have tracked the F and then taken the family for dinner and a movie on the same night. It’s the ultimate car.”

Lexus IS F

And as you might imagine, the same properties that make the video so cool to watch also provide great feedback as.

“I always review my video,” said the OP. “I realized that I was entering multiple corners too tight and not using the width of the track on a very important turn. I’ll go back and try to best my time. I’ll be back!”

But the OP’s reasoning for posting his high-tech video is perhaps the best part of the whole thing.

“The main objective is to try to show other owners what this car can do stock. I am doing 150 [mph] on the oval and entering the braking zone at 120 on stock pads, rotors, and fluids. My suspension is stock, minus the USRS and a $140 F Sport rear sway bar.”

So even if you don’t have the cash to spring on some fancy 360 degree camera, it’s high time you took that Lexus IS F out to the track. And when you do, be sure and post it up in the forums. We can never get enough of track day videos, after all!


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