Lexus’ GS 350 Safety Car Makes Us Want to Go Racing

A lot of news has been coming from “down under” recently as the Australians have been pleasing the world with juicy news and eye candy. Lexus Australia recently unveiled a new Lexus GS Safety Car which will be commissioned for duty at the Muscle Car Masters Event this weekend at the Sydney Motorsport Park.

This particular Lexus GS 350 F SPORT Safety car features unique graphics which is a bit different from the US Spec GS F SPORT Pace Car we saw running the streets of Long Beach earlier this year. This Aussie GS F SPORT Safety car will be the Motorsport park’s resident safety vehicle as well as a driver training vehicle. Other than the LED light bar on top, this GS 350 F SPORT appears to be all stock and for good reason. The 2013 GS F SPORT is a great handling vehicle right out of the factory. We can’t wait to see this car in action and hope to see more Lexus F SPORT Safety Cars pacing the world’s greatest racing events.

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