2013 GS F-Sport Now in Forza 4

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Want to drive the 2013 GS into a wall at 150mph with absolutely no repercussions? If you’ve got an Xbox and Forza 4, you’re in luck! They’ve included the new GS in their monthly car pack. Of course, if you like “racing” and “tuning” you can do that too. Weirdo.

If swapping an LFA motor into a GS sounds like your kind of game, then you might be interested in checking out the full pack here. It’ll set you back $7 or 560 microsoft points. A small price to pay for the freedom to do whatever you want in an GS.

Yes, that includes painting it pink with green polka dots.

Wanna talk Forza? Join the discussion on this new DLC in the forums!

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