2014 GS-F Render Surfaces in Japanese Magazine

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Probably not, but they’re still really good renders of what might be in the pipeline. If this magazine is to believed, it’ll be packing a 5.0L V8, and 461hp. If that is true, then here’s another question: Is it good enough to contented with the E63 AMG and the M5?

Despite these magazine snap shots and some good looking renders, we really have no idea if there’ll be a GS-F at all. Lexus already has a number of sporting ventures in the pipeline already. There’s the LS TMG edition that we’ve heard so much about, and of course, there’s the new LF-CC to look forward too as well. Those are just concepts and prototypes, sure, but Lexus definitely tends to build concepts with the intent to produce them. But the GS-F? That’s already a crowded playing field. 

See, the competition for hyper-fast full-size cars isn’t that intense at the top. You have the S-Class and 7 series, but they’re already incredibly expensive. Hyundai has seen that space and attacked with the Genesis (kinda), and it would make sense for Lexus to beat them at their own game with 600+ hp battleship. Similarly, Lexus could easily undercut the competition for a small, luxury coupe/roadster/hot-rod with the LF-CC. A GS-F wouldn’t have this advantage thanks to the M5, the E63 AMG and Audi’s S6 and RS6. It might be competitive, but with a mere 461hp, that seems less likely.

Of course, power isn’t the only measure of a car. A dynamic and engaging chassis is critical, as is the availability of creature comforts and coddling. From what reviewers have been saying, the GS F-Sport delivers on these points. If it could do all of that for less than it’s rivals, it could very well be successful. If anything Lexus has developed a knack for bleeding customers from the bigger brands. Who knows? A GS-F might be no different.

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