IS200 Gets Crazy V12 Swap


I would love to shake the hand of the guy who managed to fit a 12 cylinder 1GZ-FE under the hood of this IS. Mostly, I'm impressed from an engineering aspect. Even though the 1GZ is a V12, it only makes about 310hp. If he was shooting for power, something a 2JZ would probably be a better fit, but that would also be typical. This is exceptional.

That big v12 might not be good for a lot of horsepower, but it does have wild amount of torque. 355 lb-ft to be exact. Prior to being shoehorned into the IS, the 1GZ was the heart of the Toyota Century limousine.

The swap isn't completely finished yet. On his youtube page the owner says the car still isn't running perfect yet, and the engine won't rev over 4500 rpm. As fair as I'm concerned, the fact that it's running at all is a miracle.

Coolest engine swap in an IS ever? Tell us what you think in the forums!

Mandeep Singh (Tue, 10 Jul 2012 16:11:55 -0700): so he did a v12 swap for 300 hp -__- fail.
Bryant Morris (Thu, 12 Jul 2012 00:21:00 -0700): @Mandeepsingh I agree even though its pretty rare and unique to see this type of swap, if he wanted 300hp he couldve but a gs400 1uzfe and got more hp and the same torque just from the weight reduction and it may have been an easier fit... and it doesn't run efficiently... that's kinda whack.
Anthony Morris (Sat, 14 Jul 2012 17:01:28 -0700): The horsepower is not the point. Its just him being different. Lets see you guys manage to get one in AND running. Takes balls to get a V12 to fit in anything. I say major kudos. It may put out 300 horses, but Ive seen cars that put out 350 and only get 240 to the pavement due to drivetrain power loss from lack of torque. Some strong engine mounts, a strong clutch, and two small turbos, and that thing would be a force to reckon with. Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races.
Mandeep Singh (Mon, 30 Jul 2012 14:22:40 -0700): @anthonymorris yeah I understand dude but if he wanted to be diff he cudda put any motor and got better results, all I'm saying is V12 for 300hp? You can put a VQ37 motor in it and get 337 horsepower and with two small turbos it would be nasty too? If you putting a V12 in a car I want to see 500+ HP.
Bryant Morris (Mon, 30 Jul 2012 15:31:36 -0700): @anthonymorris yes true A+ in being different and I agree tq wins races but if you add Some strong engine mounts, a strong clutch, and two small turbos any car would be a force to be reckoned with, if the car is light you don't need much tq to take off, id need to see dyno numbers to justify this swap because idc what anybody says nobody does a swap JUST to be different unless its a show car I'm sure that's what this is but if u swap anything its going to be for hp and tq gains and it better be able to run if not what's the point... nobody can see what's under the hood until you open it and if it was just about being different he couldve done any motor swap... NOW if he fully built and tuned this v12 then that would be something to be reckon with TOPSECRET used this motor in a toyota supra project to make 950hp oh by the way thumbs up for the last name lol.