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Waterless Coolant

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Default Waterless Coolant

I am thinking of using a product called Evans Waterless Coolant. My SC sits in the garage for weeks on end, and I do change fluids on a regular timetable, but antifreeze does degrade, and corrosion does occur. I plan on keeping my SC for a long time, so I was wondering if anyone has tried this product. The benefits seem to be outstanding-no pressure buildup, no corrosion what so ever, and the fluid will last forever. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
thanks Jack
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I saw that episode on Wheeler Dealers last night too and thought about making an upgrade too. Removing water, and therefore rush, from the cooling system seems to be an ideal solution, but I don't have any idea of it works. I was amazed about the claim of no additional pressure, as that seems to defy physics.
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From what I've read, it runs hotter than conventional coolant. Which is ok because it has a higher boiling point. Except I suspect your car will think it's overheating and give you a warning light.
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According to Jay Leno's video he tried the product quite a while ago (like 10 years) in one of his cars, has not changed it since, and has experienced great results.

The key to using the product is to completely purge the system of the previous water-based coolant. This entails draining the system, blowing air through the system and then letting the entire system (including the block and radiator) air dry. As the new coolant does not need any anti-corrosives, any old water left can lead to corrosion so all of the old coolant has to go.

The freezing point of the Evans coolant is much lower than traditional water-based coolant and the boiling point is much higher.

Any coolant in the system will reach the temperature equilibrium established by the car coolant system and will not run any hotter or cooler than water based coolant (there are slight differences in liquids rate of conducting heat, but this won't cause the system temperatures to change more than a degree or two either up or down).

Water based coolant systems become pressurized because the coolant in the block chambers gets hotter than boiling and some of the water turns to gas (steam). Since the Evans coolant has a boiling point of like 375degF, there is no portion that turns to gas, and thus no pressure increase in the system.

I haven't really studied the lubricating abilities of the Evans coolant, which is very important to the health of the water pump, especially one like the SC430 where the water pump is driven by the timing belt and if the water pump seizes it will break the timing belt and cause valves to be smashed by pistons. But if they claim it is a lifetime fluid I would guess the lubrication is good.

I will shortly be changing out my water pump, timing belt and all associated pulleys and tensioner and it would be a good time to change over to and try this coolant.

Initially, about the only downside I can see is if you did have a leak while out on the road, you couldn't put water into the system to top it off, but instead could only add this coolant, which probably is not available in many auto stores.
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According to them, their coolant does run hotter than traditional coolant. They say you may get a warning light. They don't say exactly how much hotter it runs, but probably more than one or two degrees.

Question: What will the COOLANT GAUGE read when using non-aqueous propylene glycol (NPG) coolant?

Answer: The normal operating range of standard coolant (ethylene glycol and water) is 160F to 230F with some cooling systems able to function reasonably well up to 240F; although as this extreme temperature level is reached, the engine will almost always operate with ever less power and response until it boils over and stalls. At approximately 330F the coolant warning light would normally light up; a cooling system operating with the more modern needle gauge would indicate higher coolant temperatures as they developed. As NPG contains no water, coolant temperatures can rise to higher levels without a negative impact on the performance of the engine. In fact, with NPG in many cases the activation of the coolant warning light represents a false warning as NPG works very well at 330F. Gauges may show the needle at 330F, a temperature probably located in the red, but again, no concern is warranted with NPG coolant.

I don't know if it would run hot enough to trip the temperature gauge in an SC430. Personally, I wouldn't want to be the guinea pig. The Lexus service department may be able to answer that. Then again, they might only recommend Toyota coolant.

Also, in an emergency, you can top off your radiator off with water. It will mix with the coolant. But they recommend flushing the coolant system completely and refilling it once the leak is repaired for best performance.
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