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From SC400 to Piper PA23

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Originally Posted by BlueJ View Post
What kind of things made you turn away from a turbo 1uz? Asking out of curiosity...
Lexxium said it right !

I had my first SC sometime 2006 , way before I registered as a member on this forum, I just sold all my 4 3000GT VR4s then including my Spyder hardtop convertible twin turbo VR4 which I still regret up to now. I wanted to move up to twin 8 cylinders so I got the SC400. Back then and even now , there are very little aftermarket support / parts for boosting the UZFE. The moment you start trying to get OVER 400-500 rwhp / torque, you need some internal work. When there is only one or two seller providing parts , costs would be up there. You have not much of a choice for more reliable aftermarket rods , pistons and other stuff. You will have to do a lot of fabrications due to unavailability of aftermarket parts like intake and pipings and that can really be a big chunk of money right there. Then the next big problem is you definitely need a better transmission. There was no direct fit trans that can hold power . Some fabrications like adapter and other stuff had to be done. And if you are not doing any of the work itself , which at that time I never turned a bolt or never worked on my vehicles then labor will be one of your biggest cost too. So let's say you were able to save and get it done , what about the maintenance ? Performance cars are not you build , you set them and you forget them . One day all of a sudden damn car just won't start . There goes your very expensive maintenance costs if you don't work on your own car. Just to get it towed to the shop and diagnosed .... you are already spending a fortune.

Many people before us have wanted to boost the 1UZ. It had existed since the late 80s / early 90s . Just ask yourself why you don't see so many having done it. Why is it that with so many in the Performance Business , not so many either went into producing parts to make power on 1UZ ? Or not so many recommend doing it. It could have been a real good money making business . There are tons of vehicles with the UZFE engines .. not only SC400s. I say it again TONS. It has been used in more than 20 years of different production vehicles .. from cars to trucks . All the UZFEs (1uz, 2uz, 3uz) have lots in common so what can be used in one can be used in another. This has been a topic well beaten to death that some SC400 owners still love to argue about that it is easy and cheap and the funny thing is same people who love to argue about it don't even have a boosted UZFE to prove otherwise. I have great respect for people specially members of this forum who have them .. boosted UZFE especially twins making over 500rwhp. My hats off them. They have something I can only have in my dreams right now . So when I saw this engine on this thread , got my interest awaken , did some research and called people I knew in the industry trying to get hold of the original owner so I can converse with him. I wanted to get the facts from the horse mouth. Then knowing the details after that , decided it was not for me and I wrote here what I found out that might help others. But you never know especially now that I am retired, at 53 , got tons of time in my hands and I can work on my toys now. I may still have one you know. I might have the opportunity of getting a low mileage SC400 in a condition I really like for a good price after I have helped this local guy in his boosted SC300 pursuit. Right now , he needs a daily driver to go to work so he cannot just sell it . I have inspected it at least twice already and its history seems good in papers being a Southern Car. It might be tough to tear it apart in the beginning because of its condition as is right now and how well it runs especially knowing that the 1UZFE runs forever if well maintained. It is also one of the first production SC400 being a 1992 model.

So even if you had all the money to get things done lets say , the 2JZ alternative which will get you a lot , lot more power at a lesser cost was also there and made it very appealing . It had tons of aftermarket support , a lot of performance business pushing and working on it and even if you do it yourself, it is a lot easier to work with. Well you know , when there is competition , prices go down . Then decided that if I can't work on my toys , I will stop playing with them... the rest is history . The only thing I guess I can't do now on my toys is give them a good paint job. But I will get there . I ain't gonna stop till I can do a real good paint job on my toys . It ain't rocket science if you have everything you need to do a good paint job. It is a skill anyone can learn and I have all the time to learn and practice on my toys. It is a skill in which practice makes perfect.

Originally Posted by LEXXIUM View Post
Turbo 1uz is very attractive cool and all that, but when compared to let's say 2jz nat and gte when it comes to building power for dollar spent total parts and labor, 2j wins in both aspects not to mention engine room and ease of access to most sensors and parts in the engine bay, and lost list goes on....
Ive done plenty of searching never ending knowledge

Gerrb knows his stuff and looks out for members like he is right now!!!!
Thank you!!!
Thanks buddy ... just trying to share my personal experiences. I have been in situations I hate others to be so in whatever way I can help , I will . I don't claim to know a lot of stuff but I believe a lot of local guys can tell you that whatever I know I share and help them whenever I can.

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Flying is such a blast!!! When I became disabled due to herniated discs in my neck, the thing I lamented the most was not being able to continue flying my Cessna 172. I thought about getting a recreational pilot LSA, but since I can't turn my head much, I decided to stay on the ground.
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