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xcelr8 08-20-07 02:57 PM

97-00 Cheap Fog Light Solution
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Ok, I said I was going to find it and here it is. This will not be for eveyone. But it is for me. These are the fogs from a 99-02 (pretty sure) Dodge Intrepid. By all appearances, they are much clearer, higher quality, and IMO ONLY, better looking.

I waited until ebay had em for 50 shipped. Right after I bought them, someone posted others that looked like they were selling for $5 EACH. On my bumper here, this one is PRESSURE mounted. I just squeezed it in. It is recessed. If you want thast flush look like stock, you would have to cut the plastic ring off that it has. Easy.

The shape is slightly different, but recessed you cannot tell. Flush you probably caould not tell.

xcelr8 08-20-07 02:59 PM

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By the way: 50 shipped inbcluded BOTH.

xcelr8 08-20-07 03:00 PM

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Here's the unmounnted fog. The harness of course is different...BUT, with a little cutting away the outside, it will actually work with our STOCK harness. A tab has to be cut with a razor.

xcelr8 08-20-07 03:01 PM

BTW: I have NOT even cleaned these...there are just as they came from ebay.
They are VERY dirty.

ChronoJ1 08-20-07 03:07 PM

Sweet alternative.
How's the beam pattern.

xcelr8 08-20-07 03:11 PM

Originally Posted by ChronoJ1 (Post 2855518)
Sweet alternative.
How's the beam pattern.

I haven't even hooked them up yet...but they really look like they'll be really great. My car was hit in front and something is preventing the fogs from working. Once they do I'll post pics.

O. L. T. 08-20-07 03:29 PM

I think it is a pretty good fit for a cheap alternative. :thumbup:

The one thing that would bug me is the recessed fit. That's what makes the SC's front end on the 97+ look so slick is all the flush mounting.

.....but for 55 bones it works.

xcelr8 08-20-07 03:51 PM

You can mount them flush. I havent decided yet. I like the recessed look. But to mount flush, I just have to trim away a black plastic ring.

iasc300 08-20-07 03:58 PM

Interesting- they look clean- I would like to see what they look like on- I also agree with B about the fogs sitting flush- but to each his own- props on finding this solution- just make sure you update the thread when your fogs get fixed:thumbup:

BLK13X 08-20-07 04:03 PM

I like it as an alternative. IMO it'll look better if it's sitting flush to the bumper.

Luxor 08-20-07 04:18 PM

OOoooOO they look nice, I like the look of the clear lense. It must be glass right? Are these H3 bulb equipped foglights?

xcelr8 08-20-07 04:34 PM

Originally Posted by Luxor (Post 2855700)
OOoooOO they look nice, I like the look of the clear lense. It must be glass right? Are these H3 bulb equipped foglights?

They're plastic. I don't know what h3 is...

JspKSoarer 08-20-07 04:41 PM

pretty good idea! :thumbup:

Baoser 08-20-07 05:29 PM

not bad, the bulbs dont look like h3's

look em up on sylvania =)

TheMole 08-20-07 05:46 PM

Nice find man!

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