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Rack and pinion help :(

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Had the same problem. My boot was torn and had some gunk in it. No loss of fluid from reservoir. Just replaced the boot $9 been good since
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My 08 has 83k no leaks so far, but I did replace the power steering fluid hoping to prevent the seals going bad. So far so good.
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Yet another R&P problem.

2009 Rx350 at 69K and 1 month before the CPO warranty ends. Detected during a routine
oil change by non-lexus shop and replaced under CPO warranty by Lexus dealership.
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Same issue on my '08 RX 350. Boots are not ripped or torn, no drips on the floor. Driver's side boot has a little grease around the end, passenger side had more grease/fluid on the boot. I just wipe it off and keep checking. I ran some Auto RX thru the power steering for 1000 miles, I'm flushing the power steering now with 2 or 3 quarts ATF, then I'll switch to Mobil 1. We'll see how it goes. If all you really need to do is just replace the seals that's a great idea, I have 2 excellent mechanics. Power steering fluid is the most often neglected service at the dealer's. Kinda makes you wonder why with all these problems ? Power steering racks going out at 60-90,000 miles is not Lexus quality to me. Should have never sold my '98 SC 300, best car I've ever owned. I'm 61 and have owned aprox 48 vehicles.

2008 RX 350 Flint Mica/blk 84,000 miles
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Old 01-21-18, 11:44 AM   #20
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08 with 100K on it. Noticed boots on the passenger site like the picture here. Based on this condition, I wonder whether I shall replace it or wait it until wose. Any opinion?

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I ran ours with the same seepage on the boot to about 200k and replaced it with a rack from Maval. Just keep an eye on the power steering fluid.
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Just my two cents, I have a 2004 RX330. The boot has been 'wet' since I bought the car. My mechanic said don't mess with it unless you actually start losing fluid. Despite the wet boot, my power steering fluid hasn't budged in three years. In addition I've put about 30k miles on the car.

I'd say keep an eye on it, if you see it dripping and start losing fluid get it replaced. Otherwise you may get years more.
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Old 01-22-18, 07:56 AM   #23
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Thank you all for the great advises. I noticed some discussion in this forum talked about replacing the boot. Is it necessary if the boot is not broken?
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When I was looking to buy a RX I test drove one and it made a noise around a low speed turn...Hopped out and took a look at the rack and it was shot. Torn boots, grease coming out.. I said, no thanks.

A few years later (after picking up ther RX I have now) I had a warped rotor and when I took a look I noticed the passenger side boot was torn.

I came to the conclusion that in my case (and I wouldn't be surprised if others are caused by this too) the torn boot was probably caused by vibration from a warped rotor and the aluminum shield right next to the boot rubbing together.

(In my second pic you can see the shield I'm talking about ~ it has a black a wire tie on it)

I actually added a second wire tie to it closer to the bottom to prevent this from happening again. (Sorry no pic)

If you own an RX I suggest doing this as form of preventative maintenance.

Luckily I caught it before any damage (besides the boot tearing) occurred. In the pic you can actually see the shavings below the boot.

Not too hard a fix with the right tools.

Be sure to secure everything and mark your threads to get your alignment "close enough" to where it was. An alignment should be performed after this repair.

Marked threads example pic ~ i redid the markings a second time so the line was straight (be sure not to rub the marker off when removing the tie rod end)

Replacement boot after install

On a side note: If you rack has grease everywhere chances are you will eventually have to swap it. $1-2k ballpark sounds about right unless you have a hook up on parts and can do the work (not an EZ job)...
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My 2004 RX330 leaked about a quarter sized spot every night. I know a steering rack replacement is coming, and they are not too expensive at Rockauto....but... I took about half the power steering fluid out of the reservoir and replaced with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak. I am not a believer in snake oil but I figured I had nothing to lose. I tell you what, the stuff worked. It has not leaked ONE DROP since I put it in about four months ago. Not one. I am pretty shocked and I have no idea if it is a permanent fix, but I am happy that I do not have to replace the rack right now. If it starts leaking in the future, I will order the steering rack and replace it along with the control arms and tie rod ends. But until then I am pretty amazed. Oh yeah, forgot to add it has about 210,000 miles.
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Snake oil is the best oil! I have replaced the passenger side boot once and drained and filled with Lucas power steering stop leak. We are at 160K miles now and going strong. The boot does get a little oily on the outside, but the level in the reservoir remains constant so I am not going to worry about it until the seal really starts leaking. The driver's side is dry as a bone.
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