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toolboxx 06-23-14 05:47 PM

Help! Transmission noise?

In the video above you can hear a whining noise. I think it is coming from the transmission. Does anyone know exactly what is causing it? The noise goes away once the engine is warm.

I have had transmission issues since I bought the car a few months back. When cold, it will rev high and shift late from 1-2 and 2-3. It will slam or lunge into 1st, and barely engages reverse (warm or cold).

Now for the worst issue... A couple of times the car did not want to stop, and kept pulling forward, as if the TC was locked up. I had to put it in neutral to stop. One day I may bump someone at a light. :sad:

Just changed the trans. fluid (Toyota Type IV) and the filter. There was some very fine black/grey dust in the transmission pan.

fourstars 06-24-14 05:51 PM

i dont know much about transmission but i know you have to add fluid, start car, drive it, then add again, then start car, drive it and then add again. from what im told its not recommeded to change fluid, but to ONLY add fluid...

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