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Looking to do a r154 or w58 manual swap? look in here, dont make a thread.

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How much are you going to be selling it for?
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bump bump bump anyone still on here ????
I m doing this swap in 3 weeks i have all the parts. but i miss placed that pesky pilot bearing
Q: Anyone know the wiring for the reverse lights is it as easy as connecting (soldering) the r154 reverse sensor to what senses reverse in the sc?
I have access to pro-demand and can pull the wiring diagrams witch i will post up if theirs any interest.

Thanks DAN
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Default I need the r154 parts list for r154 swap...

Originally Posted by Cleanshots View Post
All parts listed are from Driftmotion.com, providing best prices for the parts, you can just use the list to see what you need and buy from else where if you please.

Before we even get far, what are you goals? over 400hp at any point? then consider a r154, don't bother wasting your time or money with the w58. NO EXCEPTIONS! the thing that kills the w58 is the sudden power and torque increase from a turbo, this is very violent on the transmission; and with a good clutch the w58 will commit suicide.

Making a thread for the noobs, and others looking for parts list for manual swap. if you are looking to do a w58 or r154 manual swap get yourself the selected transmission from any car if i comes with a 1jz- 2jz bell housing cool, if not you can purchase it online. here is a parts list, for the r154 substitute 1jz bell-housing for the r154 instead of the w58 one. and your clutches need to be for the r154. if you have the supra r154, you can use the swan neck or get the housing extended to use a straight shifter handle. don't forget you need a mk3 turbo 5spd front half of the drive shaft for the r154..

again.. you can use this list to see what you need or if you want all new parts then look at the prices too, otherwise its just a list of the parts you need for the manual swap.

parts and such:

W58 parts list, does not include transmission, this is for the none extended W58. Omit parts from the list that you already have. this list is if you are fully auto and have nothing but a bare 5speed tranny with no extra parts.

Attachment 437158

here is the parts list for the r154 guys, this is for the none extended housing, includes the swan neck shifter same as the w58 shifter that can be cut and moved 1 inch. or the housing extension can be purchased from Driftmotion also for an extra 350 bucks, this moves it back about 3 inches and a none swan-neck shifter handle is used. i like free things so i just modified the swan shifter and added a 2" section, doesnt change the throw just sits back a bit farther in the perfect stock location and keeps a stock throw.

List does not include the r154 transmission, from mk3 supra. Omit parts from the list that you already have. this list is if you are fully auto and have nothing but a bare 5speed tranny with no extra parts.

Attachment 437159

here is my 2" peice for a 1.75" extension..

Attachment 437160

if you have no clue about actually working on it or you wanna ask how hard the swap is, you need to know how to do it before deciding; or if you have the skills to just jump into it and see what happens.


as far as the swap goes, you can keep the brake pedal or get a 5spd one or cut the pedal and make it a square if you like. mounting the clutch is easy, for auto cars the various modules will be in the way so you will have to move those around to mount the clutch.. there will be a cutout on the rubber pull it off or cut that off. on the firewall there are dimples where the clutch mounts, mark and cut them out to mount the clutch. and cylinder...

take off the center console remove all the automatic stuff disconnect the linkages for the tranny and all that good stuff. once its all removes there are outlines of where the tranny tunnel needs to be cut for the manual. you could cut it bigger than you need and the holes are all there for the rubber manual boot just need screws..

take off your exhaust and all that crap that's in the way to get to the tranny..

remove the plugs on the tranny if you are just dropping the tranny, some people take out engine too.. i do that sometimes.. careful the auto is very heavy compared to the manual.. you will need long extensions 2 feet or more; to get all the bolts, they will be tight...

once that's removed then you can clean up some things, and get ready to start putting in the manual parts. the auto has no pilot bearing so install that on the crank. if your rear main seal is leaking now is the time to change that..

install your flywheel, arp bolts highly recommended, use threadlock; i used the insane a$$ red one. and i also put motor oil with a q-tip on the seat of the bolt so it can slip on the surface of the flywheel so you can get accurate torque.

the plugs from the auto will need to be tucked away. connector on the tranny that was for the shifter position is what we need to modify.. there will be two thick wires on the connector (thicker than the rest) you need to jump those together for the car to start so it thinks its in neutral.. you could wire this to the clutch pedal so when you push the clutch it will start, other wise it wont..

install the manual tranny, if you have the auto cross member that will work, if you have the manual one and your going r154 that works as well. you will need the w58 mount from the sc300 for the r154 also both the soarer and the mk3 r154... haven't got a chance to look at the mk4 5spd, but it should be same as the sc300 w58 5spd im 99.9 percent sure. so the oem mounts work.

for the w58 you can install the clutch and pressure plate before mating the tranny to the engine. but for r154 you gotta put the pressure plate and clutch on the tranny mate it to the engine then bolt the pressure plate to the flywheel from the access holes.. the r154 is a pull type so you will not have room put put it on the engine and then slide the tranny on. if engine is out with the tranny then it doesnt matter but straight tranny swap you gotta put it on tranny first..

get that tranny put on and install the shift fork (r154) slide it on so it clicks in install the line and the slave cylinder. plug in whatever needs to be plugged in.

dont forget the drive shaft and all that, if you have a custom shaft (no homo) then just throw it on.. if you have the w58 one then just put it on.. if you have r154 and ur using the mk3 front peice you need to switch out the carrier bearing to the sc one.. then put the exhaust back too unless your doing a piping delete and your gonna run open downpipe..

fill the tranny, i use mt90 redline in all my manual trannies and it shifts like butter! i love it soo smooth, fill up the tranny after its all installed; you can pour it down the shifter hole if you have the housing shifter not the remote mount.. lol

go for a spin and enjoy your new sc300, it will be much different than the grandpa auto.. remember you have an auto diff so your revs will be higher than a manual diff..


1st: 3.285:1
2nd: 1.894:1
3rd: 1.275:1
4th: 1.00:1
5th: 0.783:1

1st: 3.250:1
2nd: 1.955:1
3rd: 1.310:1
4th: 1.00:1
5th: 0.753:1

sc300 auto:

if you wanna know..
1st: 3.827:1
2nd: 2.360:1
3rd: 1.685:1
4th: 1.312:1
5th: 1:1
6th: 0.793:1

ratio wise i love the r154, i killed my buddies supra tt boosting more than me.... 4th is pretty much same as my 3rd so i was in 2nd and into 3rd he went 2 3 4....waste of time to me.... might as well have went 2 4...

keywords: r154 swap, w58 swap, 5spd swap, manual swap, manual conversion, auto to manual, tranny swap, manuel swap, five speed conversion, r154, w58.
Need parts list for sc300 r154 swap. It's not showing up on my phone. Please email [email protected]
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I needed this sooo bad
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