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eyeball 07-16-14 08:40 PM

Just renewed my Lexus Enform!
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I think it is value added

amoney805 07-16-14 09:01 PM

How much is it?

davyjordi 07-16-14 09:59 PM

did you renew it mainly to keep the emergency services access? or is that sos button separate from enform?

SanDeezy 07-16-14 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by amoney805 (Post 8628637)
How much is it?

I second this :thumbup:

JDR76 07-16-14 10:11 PM

I believe Safety Connect is now $140 a year and Destinations (eDestination and Destination Assist) are $125 a year.

amoney805 07-16-14 11:02 PM

I thought it all came in one package.

specONE 07-17-14 12:44 AM

uhhh i thought i read that it is free now??

bigblack06 07-17-14 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by specONE (Post 8628884)
uhhh i thought i read that it is free now??

Yes the enform app suite is free now, the safety connect and destination is not.

JDR76 07-17-14 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by amoney805 (Post 8628802)
I thought it all came in one package.

They have revised the packaging and pricing. See the pricing link here:

dojoman 07-17-14 09:27 AM

I really don't like SOS button especially for people that don't subscribed. It ate my sunglasses holder, it's a waste of space for me.

waxy 07-17-14 11:45 AM

I received a renewal letter from them as well.

For some reason, all the selections say $0.00, so I'm guessing it's free for another year?

eyeball 07-18-14 09:12 PM

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Here's the price structure

Dark9t316 07-18-14 09:16 PM

I also got the bill today, ripped it up

CtSFox 07-19-14 03:41 AM

To each his/her own. I never have felt the need to use Desination Assist. As far as Safety Connect, I have AAA and usually travel in well populated areas. I believe Safety Connect also has a "LoJack" function, where Lexus can help locate a stolen vehicle after a police report has been filed. I once had a car equipped with LoJack stolen. The car was found, but with a lot of damage. I would have been better off if the car were not found, rather recapturing the vehicle's value through my insurance.

I find that I only use the Enform Suite to access Pandora, for which there is no longer a renewal charge. So, I guess I'll also be tearing up that Enform bill when i get it in a few months.

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