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Upgrade to a 4th gen?

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Default Upgrade to a 4th gen?

I have had a 93, 98 and 06 GS and I am ready to trade it in for a new GS but I don't like the new body style or new interior design of the 2013-2014. Am I the only one that finds the new design unappealing? What do you guys think of the new body style? I am at 95k and I want to trade before 100k so any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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Exterior no your not the first, interior you are def the first. I can't speak about exterior as I have one, but the interior I think is the best I have been in many different cars and I find the GS the most appealing, its elegant yet subtle in its approach. You may want to sit in one first.
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Drive it. Thats what made me want one.
The exterior styling, to me, is solid on the F-Sport.
If you go through the new interior and really analyze it, it is cheaper and less detailed than the 3GS.
Example... seat memory buttons. 4GS is a tack-on plastic panel... 3GS integrated into the wood inlay.
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exterior i'm not liking it's not appealing at all. The GS suppose to be special in it's class from IS ES AND LS but I think they messed up by not making quad headlights like the previous gens or something new and unique . The interior I really like and it's a A+ but I wish they made the exterior more special and follow the same body line and not make it a look alike (ES)

i wouldn't upgrade I love my 3GEN I still get people looking and asking what year my ride is lol
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Thanks. I am looking at the dark blue mica with the flaxen interior. (or the brown exterior with the flaxen) At first glance when I look at the dash, I see 2 AC vents staring at me and 2 radio ***** which seem awkwardly far apart. It definitely feels great but for some reason, I am just not loving the dash. I have heard alot of positives about the F Sport. I think I will check it out. I won't step down to the ES/IS. They don't feel the same. (I am just talking myself into it! lol)
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my experience on driving one and being a passenger.

on interior, personally on the 4gen I love the dash, steering wheel, cluster, and center console set up. im not too fond of the seats... especially in the rear. it makes rear middle passenger look super uncomfortable. unlike the 3gen the middle rear seat still looks comfortable. the rear center floor where the driveshaft is looks too square and not smoothly rounded like the 3gen. but that's my only dislike on the interior.

On Exterior... the styling of all Lexus models are starting to look the same. i mean you can still tell a difference but it doesn't seem to make the GS distinct anymore. looking at all the new models they looks to close. for instance take an ES or LS and picture it with a GS bumper. you would hardly tell the difference looking at the front. the new GS just doesn't feel like a big body anymore... it doesn't have that "VIP" Feeling i guess.

On drive ability it definitely feels more sporty than a 3gen. It feels tighter around corners, feels lighter, makes me feel like i got a heavier foot. the seats hug you pretty well too.

Guys please don't torch me on my opinion LOL. but yeah.
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the 4th gen is much more aggressive and overall more gorgeous and elegant also in my opinion
the GS interior is almost comparable to the LS and much nicer overall than all the other models
the outside just needs some subtle mods to make it look like a more sporty daily commuter IMO

best GS gen yet! i dont own one..but working at lexus i see the full spectrum from beat 91 LS to LFA
i would def say the new gs is my favorite obtainable new car they have out..
tho honestly, all the new models looked way too similar and was hard to tell apart my first week
i still cant visually tell the difference between the lx and gx when one pulls up but im not an S/LUV fan overall lol

if you hate it so much just wait on the RC or maybe see what else 2015 has to offer

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4gs exterior is just too bland and looks like any other car on the road. It will fade away as time goes by. No V8 is also a killer.

As for interior, quality feels better, but it feels smaller. And the dash is very simple looking.
I also don't care for that huge hole that consists of navigation and gauges.
Overall a tacky design which will look funny as time goes by.
So far 1gs and 3GS are the best designs I think. A lot more gracious and elegant without being vulgar.
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My opinion is that the ES and GS are too similar to justify additional $$ for the GS. I was able to get a 4Gen GS loaner which put the nail in the coffin of what I had been thinking. Exterior is not remarkable and the interior seems to be cheaper and less refined than the 3GS.

If you like BMW interior it might be more appealing.

The real answer is who cares what WE think...its about what YOU think. Go and take one home for the night if you can. You will know if it turns your crank or not. Good luck!
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Having owned my 3GS for over 2 months now I can say that the 3rd gen is a solid car all around. To me it's the perfect blend of luxury over sport with plenty of power. The 4th gen has much more aggressive styling -- and from reading here -- much better handling and seat support. I find my 3GS interior to be comfy enough. The only thing I wish this car had stock from the factory was better handling thru the turns (less body roll). It's many legs up on the previous cars I have owned, but if I could have afforded, I would have probably opted for a 4th gen because I fell in love with it the second I saw one. It has upgraded tech and styling cues that, to me, make the car stand apart from BMW and Mercedes in the segment they're in…and I say this because for every 4th gen GS I see on the road, it's like a 10-1 of E-classes and 5-series and to see the GS is refreshing. Power wise I wouldn't expect it to be much of a difference from the 3rd gen, but you definitely need to make the judgement call yourself after test driving one.
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it looks like a maxima
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I also think Lexus should have kept the unique look that 1GS, 2GS and 3GS had over the other models. 2GS and 3GS are my favourite styles so far.

I've sat in a 4GS. I like the updated technology but the quality does seem lower than a 3GS. I'm sure the 4GS is better in handling though.

If I'm not mistaken, the 3GS exterior was designed in Japan, where as the 4GS exterior was designed by a company in California.
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