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SBRJ4 09-08-13 10:00 AM

DIY oil change
Can anyone give me some guidance on the location of the oil filter and drain plug for our 2012 CT? Does the plastic covering under the car have to be dropped to access the area?

tk1971 09-09-13 12:37 PM

Should be about the same as a 3rd Gen Prius. Lots of videos out there. There's a little door that allows access to that area. Pop the fasteners and get to it.

m R g S r 09-09-13 06:09 PM

Just want to mention that you will want the correct oil filter removal tool to get the filter off.

SBRJ4 09-09-13 07:34 PM

Thanks tk, I've already studied the videos, but the markings and grommets on the front passenger side of our CT don't correspond at all to the videos. I just haven't had the time yet to drop all the "doors" myself, and I still have a few hundred miles until the 20,000 mile change. I was hoping that someone out there had already done this.

SBRJ4 09-09-13 07:37 PM

BTW, the local Toyota dealer had the oil filter element, O-ring, and oil filter removal tool for half the price wanted by Lexus for the exact same parts. I called both Lexus and Toyota. The part numbers are exactly the same, and both say "Toyota Parts" on them.

tk1971 09-11-13 01:19 PM

Did my 20k oil change 3k miles ago. No big deal. Get the front on jack stands and take a looksy. The trap door for service is there. I actually broke one of the fasteners trying to get it off, so I ended up using a screw anchor until I was able to order a replacement.

SBRJ4 09-11-13 08:31 PM

Thanks tk. Looking forward to doing the oil change this weekend.

Trexus 09-12-13 01:36 PM

Changing the oil on the CT isn't too hard at all. I use ramps to bring the car higher so I can get under the car. Be sure to have the oil filter remover tool. I change my oil every 5,000 miles and use Caster Edge 0W-20 in the gold bottle.

tk1971 if you need the part # for the replacement fastener it is: 90467-07201. I ordered the fastener from Sewell Lexus. They have very good prices. Be sure to register and let them know you are a Club Lexus member.

SBRJ4 09-15-13 10:40 AM

A few thoughts now that I've done my first oil change on our CT:

Toyota Oil filter part #04152-YZZA6 from a Toyota dealer (Element, O-ring and oil pan washer all in same box) is the exact same Toyota box and part number from Lexus (I went to both places and realized this after I purchased the more expensive ones), but at half the price at the Toyota dealer ($4.50 vs $9.00). The filter removal tool was purchased from Toyota as well (Part 2485, 64mmX14). The price was $12.19. Remember, for all you new DIY's on the CT, the engine is the same as the third gen Prius, so no need to go crazy finding these parts on the internet when they are available at a local Toyota dealer as well. I'm assuming too that if fasteners are broken in the process of dropping the access door, they would be available at Toyota as well for a lower price. I may pick up some spares in advance to have them on hand for future oil changes. Finally, the oil maintenance reminder reset procedure is in the manual, and is easy to do.

Thanks for all the suggestions from fellow members.

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