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Tom59 12-31-12 04:57 AM

Window Deflectors
Weathertech now lists them for 99.00 for the CT. 15.00 for shipping.

I ordered a set. Not sure people here know or not.

hdave 12-31-12 06:35 AM

I really hope this means that awesome floormats are coming soon!

Mitch08ISF 12-31-12 01:00 PM

Please post pics of quality. Thanks in advance.

Tom59 12-31-12 01:09 PM

I've owned them for over ten yrs they are of excellent quality - unless they've slipped recently. I also didn't want tape on deflectors and pay 400.00. The in-channel design doesn't stick out so far either.

I'll post pics and a run down when they arrive, but yes it looks like they finally got a CT to design products for.

Hopefully mats follow but I found mats I'm more than happy with.

Mitch08ISF 12-31-12 03:08 PM

I'm just curious how they will look compared to oem

Dc5nomore 12-31-12 05:49 PM

In for pics.

Starfire13 01-01-13 01:48 AM


Planning on buying one for my 2013 CT

Tom59 01-01-13 05:17 AM

Arrive Friday to follow.....

chargerfan 01-01-13 01:45 PM

in for pics .......

Tom59 01-04-13 09:12 AM

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Same quality as the ones I bought in 2002 , exactly. The rears are tricky but fairly simple for most people you just pull them out -they have tape on the inside- that sticks to the molding which allows the window to go up once that is set they fit perfect feel really solid with windows up and down.
I probably should have gotten the lighter shade with my car color and tint. But overall they are exactly what I wanted.

Tom59 01-04-13 09:18 AM

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dengman 01-04-13 09:21 AM

Looks very nice :thumbup:

I've had some weather tech visors on my previous Bmw.

Do you have a full view with the car and visors?

Debating on the CT200H for my next car. :thumbup:

Tom59 01-04-13 12:40 PM

Car is filthy from 10 inches of recent snow. Plus the sun hit the car in the side it was hard to get a good pic. I'll snap some tomorrow when the sun isn't so intrusive. My truck has them on it for 11 yrs now they still look new.
They use high quality plastics for sure.

bsmoov 01-04-13 01:28 PM


Looking good. I had a couple questions for you.

I thought these kits didn't require double sided tape?

Does the "Weather tech logo" come off? Is it etched on there or can you remove it?

I'm in if the weather tech logo is removable.

Mitch08ISF 01-04-13 07:00 PM

Yes please tell me the logo can come off.....

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