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I startz thread for reasonz ....Build Thread

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Old 11-25-12, 09:54 AM   #16
Vossen Wheels
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Now Mrs. Blueprint can roll in style Post pics and get some Vossens on it ASAP! lol
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Originally Posted by dseag2 View Post
I would recognize that door frame and aluminum trim anywhere. Congratulations for coming over to the Dark Side.
Originally Posted by sydtoosic View Post
maybe an F-Sport Hybrid with all the fixins.
Thanks sir! Following in your footsteps

Originally Posted by natnut View Post
How I wish the GS Hybrid F-Sport was available in NA.

Of all people who would truly appreciate a GS450h F-Sport with DRS, it would be the OP...
If there was a GS 450h F-sport available here, it would be in the driveway. You know me very well.

Originally Posted by passnu2 View Post

icut springs aka custom springs and knock off rims are considered "cool" on the new GS so make us proud
Indeed. We have been pushing the "authentic" movement for sometime and its sad the lengths people go to try knock-off and copy a top product while acting like the product they are copying is the problem Its great to see the real members of CL stand up for those that have stood with them and by them.

How about some new Vossen Precision Series FORGED wheels.

Originally Posted by Vossen Wheels View Post
Now Mrs. Blueprint can roll in style Post pics and get some Vossens on it ASAP! lol
She is very happy which makes me very very happy. Went in looking at RX F-sports a month ago and this happened.


More to come..short story first
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Congrats man
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Nice! Congrats!
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Originally Posted by MPLexus301 View Post
Congrats man
Thanks Excuse the crappy iPhone pics. Not even sure I want to show the car until I drop it, slap some wheels on and Nitto Tires.

I've driven every GS, every Generation and the new 4GS in base, luxury, f-sport, f-sport with Rear Steer and the Vossen Project GS modified with RS-R coilovers as I've shared. Been slacking with my review and comparison but this drive today sums up my feelings on this latest purchase.

There are probably helicopters and the SWAT team on the way as a drive to Home Depot to get some X-mas lights turned into a 2 hour drive around familiar back roads I haven't really pushed in awhile. I honestly don't think even us Lexus owners know how good the GS is, particularly in F-sport trim with Rear Steer.

Yes, this is a F-sport model with the optional rear steer (and some other options to be named, focusing here). It simply transforms the GS F-sport into a car that handles like its 500 lbs lighter and `10 inches shorter. It is simply unbelievable the LIMITS of this car which I did not reach today. As I push in corners no matter at low or high speeds (talking over 90mph here) the GS is BEGGING for you to keep pushing her. It is an absolute delight to drive, I mean I am still grinning and want to write this while it is still fresh.

If you want the best handling car in this class and one of the best handling cars offered PERIOD, run to your Lexus dealer and buy the GS F-sport with rear steer. It is that simple. I usually run Michelin or Nitto tires (Pilots or Invo's) so the Dunlap Sport Maxx are unfamilar but it seems to be a great tire as never did I feel the GS was slipping away. I'm almost scared to add more grip but you know 20s are coming

Compared to my GS 450h which is lowered, it is a night and day difference and even to my GS 430 highly modified with pretty much every suspension component on the planet, its not even close. I was stunned at how the GS drove on roads I know compared to the luxury model I had as a loaner recently and that was a very good drive in itself.

The 2 piece brake is nearly as large as my Jun BBK on my GS 450h. The brakes are absolutely incredible and unlike mine, don't squeal . The pedal feel is direct and the brakes are simply incredible.

Could I use more power? Sure who can't? I can only imagine the 5.0 V-8 in this car in this chassis. It is BEGGING for it but maybe the additional weight would upset handling, I am not sure. I can only imagine this car with 100 more hp. Compared to my GS 450h it feels slower, it is slower and passing power is not as instantaneous. In this aspect of passing power the GS 450h is the better car.

As a point of reference I took my pops who is also a die hard Lexus guy for a spin when him and my mother came over for some beef stew, plantains and rice and peas. I took him in the same turns at the same speeds. When I told him how fast I was going he was stunned b/c he said "I didn't slide in the seat like normal". We both kind of just stuck to the seat and credit some the incredible F-sport seats. It was here you know LFA engineers had a say, as it corners remarkably flat for a big car. He also loved the sound of the intake generator as I do. The transmission is MIND READING with the REV MATCH. Compared to other automatics I've driven it was pretty incredible how this transmission was reading my mind in what gear to stay in.

More to come!

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i think i can safely say "what took you so long". i think we were all waiting on you to get your hands on one of these puppies (for yourself). not surprised with the review, i expected positive reviews. congratz, nice color combo as well. mind if i ask if you're doing coil overs or springs?
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Old 11-25-12, 04:10 PM   #22
No Substitute
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Mike, Congrat's to the Mrs!! That's one sweet loaded up ride!

I always say, " A happy wife is a happy life" well you sir should now be set for life

I hope you both enjoy it in good health.
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resisting entropy
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congrats on the loaded up 4GS!
so you still have a 2GS430 and a 3GS450h as well? what about the RX400h?
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Congrats! Now Mrs. Blueprint can get to her tea parties faster and in style...LOL
I loved how your 3gen GS450h looked, and I know for a fact you aren't gonna disappoint us with this build and can't wait for the finished product!!!
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so jealous lol start modding!
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man 3GS slowly moved to 4GS quick.....not faiirrr :/

contrats Mike!!! love the color. make me jealous...
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Congrats Mike on getting a GS F Sport with rear steer! Man I wish I was next door so I could come over and check it out...
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Congrats on the new GS F-Sport. Glad to see the new GS doesnt need all those improvements like springs and sway bar. Imagine if you added those how turns would be with those changes.
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GS-'sF are really cool. Congrats.
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Great color with the SP and Cabernet. That Cabernet will just get more beautful everytime you see it. And now you're experiencing first-hand what the rest of us have loved for so long about our F Sports. I know what you mean about staying put in the seats around corners. I occasionally take my 80 year-old mom to lunch, and I can leave it in Sport + mode and take the corners and she barely notices. Great choice!

You've now had 3 generations of GS's, right?
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