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Cleanshots 01-19-09 06:12 PM

Ongoing Build..and SC300FIVESPD One Day Gte swap Merged threads
hey guys welcome to my car build thead that's always ongoing.
i have always been looking for a sc300 with a factory 5speed since i can remember. so one day on craigslist one popped up. clean title, and it said 4k obo i thought hot danm ill talk that guy down in price. so i hit him up and went to sf to look at it. i acted dumb and finally said, oh man its a manual? no one wants a manual luxury car. and the interior is bad and the body has alot of dents and dings, ill give you 3k. he said ok. so i said ok here is 700 bucks, smog it and ill pick it up. so the next day i wen tthere with the rest of the money and picked up the car. on the way home i saw alot of other sc's. i was pumped. when i bought the car it looked brown. the next day i washed it and my friend took these pics of my car.

and after the wash was done i discovered this pretty blue color underneath the grime! yikes... the car used to be garnet pearl but at some point it was painted blue. this car is a jzz31 #076 off the assembly line. 3k3 garnet pearlt was the original color with a tan interior.

next step was to get that old tan carpet cleaned up. disgusting man that owned the car did not take care of the poor baby. smelled like butthole and alot of stains all over the place...
i hit the local bargain store, big lots. i bought 4 cans of 409 carpet cleaner and a hand held brush. 10-15 bucks total if that...
here is the 409, you gotta make a funny face when you hold the cans or else it wont work.

what i did was to take the front seas out of the car first and vacuum the whole carpet as best as i could. then you take the cans of 409 and start covering the carpet. dont stop till its all covered. you have to let it soak for a while. then have some gloves handy with your brush as well. start brushing the carpet. keep a pattern going dont do circles. just back and forth..
after a while you should be getting to the end. scrub those nasty stains with the brush, i got out coffee stains, no oxi-clean here guys just some elbow grease.

once the scrubbing is done vacuum anything that's left over and you should have some sexy new looking carpet like this.

this is where the thread starts and is in a random order since this was many threads merged into one. ENJOY!!

next time you at a junk yard:

look at the visors in Mercedes or BMW's, even Volvo, Chrysler and lets not forget Lexus. these cars also have the garage door opener in the sun visors like the 97+ sc's. i was at the junk yard today and bought the visor for 5 dollars. just showed him the visor not the home link. i will be putting it in soon, if it fits in the visor then that's where it will go. keep an eye out you guys. here is my find.

1siksc 01-19-09 09:44 PM

nice find... ill keep checking back.

soarer13oy 01-19-09 10:37 PM

is it just basically power and ground?

Cleanshots 01-20-09 06:57 AM

^^ yea all you have to do is give it power and ground. i alredy pluged it into a 12v source and programmed my garaged door to it. holding it next to my visor it looks line it will fit perfect.

i say basically look in every high end-ish luxury cars for the home link system. if its in the sun visor just rip the frekin visor off. lol.

OneJay 01-20-09 10:59 AM

Cool find Pirooz. I'll have to come check it out sometime this week.

Cleanshots 01-20-09 12:24 PM

i cleaned it up and i will attempt to mount in my Visor. i need to figure out how i will reuse the fabric. hope i dont have to get it done but worth it! Cannot wait because this works soooo well!

soarer13oy 01-20-09 01:09 PM

Awsome find! Makes me want to go to the junk yard. havent been there for a month or two now.

Cleanshots 01-21-09 12:48 AM

OH man! I love this thing.Just finished putting it together and the results are amazing! I started a cut along the top part of the visor then slowly pull it apart and the seam will open. find where you like it mounted, there isn't alot of space so where i mounted it was just enough. Place the transmitter box on the visor foam and trace it with something. make sure it not backwards, double check it, you don't want to have to buy a new visor. then just cut and fit the transmitter inside the visor foam. Then i sewed it up with a needle and transparent plastic thread. if done right it would look almost factory.:thumbup::p

GOOD LUCK, any questions or comments please ask.

FiSta 01-21-09 12:51 AM

looks great, clean install :thumbup:

sc-driver 01-21-09 01:02 AM

how did u get power to it?

Cleanshots 01-21-09 01:05 AM

^ the power is spliced to the wire inside that goes to the light for the mirror. It's a constant 12V

Hil 01-21-09 01:12 AM

oo nice work

DaveGS4 01-21-09 01:28 AM

Very nice work, great mod! Great deal for $5 plus some Martha Stewart time!

Originally Posted by Cleanshots (Post 4181196)
I started a cut along the top part of the visor then slowly pull it apart and the seam will open. Then i sewed it up with a needle and transparent plastic thread.

Better watch out, other members are going to be asking you to knit them up some mittens and socks and little scull caps for their babies.

Cleanshots 01-21-09 01:47 AM

^ Thank you Dave! Crochet visor covers optional.

Peter_95 01-21-09 01:53 AM

i still wonder why the sc came with everything, and that simple thing was the only thing missing haha. nice find and looks great!

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