Watch the LFA AD-A Attack the ‘Ring

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Whatever this new prototype is, they’re not going easy on it at. all. Lexus has kept mum on their current prototype that’s been running the Nurburgring recently, but instead have been letting the car do all the talking itself.

Just watch how fast it goes through schwalbenschwanz (at about :20)!

The different exhaust note leads us to believe they’ve done some tinkering with the LFA’s engine. It doesn’t sound like they’ve given up on the V10, but they’ve definitely given it a working over. Also, they’ve changed the position of the exhaust piping to exit from the rear mesh beneath the tail lights.

Most likely the car is a prototype for another, harder Nurburgring edition. At least, that’s the most obvious choice. It might be that this is the precursor to another, new LFA. Lexus has already said that the initial run for the LFA is over, and that it would be limited to 500 cars. We know the roadster will be available in 2014, but we wouldn’t have expected Lexus to make more of them after that. Though, it seems we might be wrong.

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