Wald International Releases Lexus RX Body Kit

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I really miss VIP – not that it’s completely gone, but strangely, it just hasn’t made its way into my day-to-day feeds; so when I saw the headline, that Wald International has released a Lexus RX Body Kit, I was intrigued.

The Nippon-imported autolux craze has ridden low and slow on our shores for a long time,  and Wald has always been right there as one of the movement’s household names. So any news is exciting news I suppose.

Always appreciative of Wald’s work, but but after seeing these pictures, I wouldn’t quite say I was beside myself.

The front lip is a bit busy from Wald’s signature, smooth, executive look. The final product looks a bit like a Toyota Venza x Matrix with a dash of Lexus’ predator grille. The rear is probably my favorite part of the kit though.

A good attempt, but not quite my cup of tea. So along with the a photo gallery of the RX + Wald Kit, I’ve also snuck a few beautiful previous gen Wald LS’s (and a bonus Benzo) to curb your VIP appetite.

WALD-LexusRX (1).png

WALD-LexusRX (3).png

WALD-LexusRX (4).png

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