Rendering Shows us What a Two-Door NX Might Look Like

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Lexus_NX_coupe_photoshop (1).jpg

There’s a reason you don’t see too many crossover coupes. The whole idea of a crossover is to have the utility and right height of an SUV with the handling of car. With a coupe, you lose the utility part of that equation. So, will Lexus ever build this? No. Unless for some reason they want a competitor to the Nissan Murano convertible.

That said, the car looks good enough that my mind keeps making up ways to make this design work. What if you just fold down the rear seats? Boom. You’ve got the perfect car for a single person who needs to transport stuff frequently. Also, what about the F Sport? That would look great with two doors instead of four. And the tuning community? Picture it lowered on some nice wheels in black. That’ll turn some heads at the next Lexus meet.

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via [Lexus Enthusiast]
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