WiFi Hotspot For Your Lexus

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Back in the day, having a cellular phone was a sign of status. If you had one in your car, complete with a twisty aerial antenna affixed to the top of your car, you were a baller! Today, we live in a mobile environment where high speed internet and smartphones are a way of life. Lexus has gone one step ahead by offering a WiFi hotspot for select Lexus models.

Entitled “Lexus Hotspot”, owners will have the chance to enable a WiFi signal from their Lexus. Users will be able to pair up to 5 devices at a time and be able to log on wirelessly to their favorite websites like Club Lexus, Facebook and even stream music from their favorite source. The hotspot will have a SIM card reader to enable the user’s preferred data provider and is fitted with two 3G antennas. It’s unknown if the system is upgradable to the current 4G LTE standard.

The “Lexus Hotspot” is only available on select Lexus models in the United Kingdom and will go for £350 ($538 USD). Hopefully one day this option will be available for us in North America.
Lexus Hotspot Model Availability:
CT200h (2011 – Current)
IS (2013)
RX450h (2012 – Current)
Source: [Lexus UK]

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