Vossen Drops GS 350 on Dubs to Dubstep

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In Lexus’ current line-up, the GS350 is probably the most drool worthy ride they offer. But even with it’s fancynew spindle-grill, there’s something missing. It lacks… stance. That, of course, is where the aftermarket comes in.

Vossen steps up to the plate in this video with a set of 20″ VVS-CV7 wheels. These particular one’s are silver polished and feature a concave face. It’s a good look for sure.

The drop (on the car, not the song) also helps it out. It’s tire fitment is “on point”, as the kids say. We know the GS 350 is a new platform so it’s easy fun to see what people are doing to make it their own. Sometime things don’t always end up as planned, but this car is good example of doing it right.

Watch the video below for a high quality, dubstep infused look at a clean GS. Also, if you want more ridiculously good looking Lexus, hit the link to check out some photos from WekFest East. Enjoy.

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