Lexus Invades WekFest East 2012

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It’s hard to keep track of all the awesome car shows going on year round. WekFest is always a big one on the west coast, and apparently, it’s the same way back east too. Normally we’re used to seeing Lexus’ all over the place in California, so it’s good to see the scene is alive and well in the east.

We weren’t able to go. Luckily, the forums delivered.

Evil_Teo and NeoJungle were savvy enough to get a bunch of photos of the event. Some of the cars they captured were pretty freaking cool. You might even recognize some of them if you live on the east coast. We’re linking a few here, but there are tons more photos in the forum in glorious high resolution.

Want more insanely clean rides? Hit the link for more WekFest photos in the forums!

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