Top Gear’s Top 10 Greatest Cars: Lexus LFA

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There’s no doubt in our mind that the Lexus LFA is one of the greatest supercars ever built. But who would have ever thought Lexus would ever build such a thing? It took a decade to create this piece of perfection and the Lexus LFA earned it’s spot on Top Gear’s Top 10 Greatest!

That’s right, the LFA has made it on the top 10 list of the greatest cars of the last two decades according to Top Gear. The Lexus LFA ranked 10th amongst the world’s best. At first, Top Gear hammered the LFA after their first encounter in a rainy day review. Despite that, the LFA achieved the fastest Power Lap around the Top Gear Test track with a blazing time of 1:22.8 in the wet! Since then Jeremy Clarkson has had wheel time in the LFA in both right hand and left hand drive formats. Since his last encounter with the infamous Pearl Yellow P014 stateside and some of the minor issues he has with the car, the Lexus LFA is “The Best Car I’ve Ever Driven”, says Clarkson.
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Source: [BBC Top Gear]
Photos: TLE via Lexus UK

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