The LF-LC Concept Design Laid Bare

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Fans of the LF-LC who want to know more about it’s design would do well to check this out. Calty Design Research (the firm responsible for the LF-LC’s design) put together this high quality video to help pacify the Lexus faithful

I suggest watching it just to get an idea of the amount of detail that Lexus has put into their lovely concept car. It’s not something that’s immediately apparent from just looking at
the photo’s of this thing when it appeared in Detroit. What struck me
most was the detail of the interior. The contrasting fabrics and
textures look phenomenal and probably feel even better. Even the
transmission tunnel and dash feature extremely modern, fluid styling.
And of course, the exterior is sumptuous.

Maybe this is the
future of the LF-A. Wrapping their frenetic sports car in luxury
trappings might make it more palatable to big spenders. They used a
similar strategy with the CT 200h and the Matrix and it would make sense
for them to do the same here. That is, if it makes it to production.

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