LF-LC Moves Closer to Reality

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The LF-LC is the car that reminded people that Lexus could really compete at the upper eschelons of luxury. Originally it was intended as a design exercise, but the reaction was so great that insiders now say the car will almost certainly come to market.

Dealerships were recent sent crystal sculptures with a 3-D laser etching of an LF-LC and the words “2012 GS Challenge 27,500 Sales.” The insinuation is that the LF-LC will become a reality if they sell the GS, but the reality is they’re probably going to build it anyway. Lexus’ has been clearly pushing towards making more engaging cars with their F-Sport line and the new GS. Still, they lack a coupe. The LF-LC would fill that niche that the SC430 left empty.
If they do decide to build it, they’ll probably market it even further upscale than the SC430. Which, makes sense, when you consider that it has a hybrid powertrain, and some incredible interior design. Autonews speculates they’d price it in competition with the 911 Turbo and the Aston Martin Vantage. It’s certainly got the styling to compete at that level. The question is will people be willing to move from those established marquees to a Lexus. My bet is they will, but only if the car becomes a reality.
via: Autonews
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